35 Common mistakes all Noobs make in CS:GO.

Few days ago, i decided to make a new account to play in the lower ranks in csgo. I've been playing this game for a long time, while i was using my new account, I see a lot of easy to fix mistakes in the lower ranks. Don't worry about aim, fix these tiny things and you'll quickly see your rank go up! Here's the list that we have prepared for you to use...

  1. Crouching in doorway when team is trying to rush.

  2. Not pushing with the team on a rush.

  3. Generally freezing up in choke points instead of pushing forward or retreating (just waiting to die).

  4. Force buying every round (p90 or scout).

  5. Lack of understanding of CT economy, read this.

  6. Buying when your team is saving.

  7. Not trading kills (calling it baiting).

  8. Covering the same entry as a team mate.

  9. Not communicating what point they are covering.

  10. Over rotating.

  11. Not playing support (flashing in team mates).

  12. Pushing out of sites after plant.

  13. Switching up positions because they feel like it.

  14. Buying an AWP when team already has 1 or 2.

  15. Not communicating with team after dying [example-“2 going jungle”].

  16. Not informing team of enemies and subsequent kills [example-"one cat, dead"].

  17. Not giving accurate counts. "rush b" instead of "3 b", "all b".

  18. Not calling out potential lurks. [example-"I saw 3, 1 unaccounted for"]

  19. 2nd round m4/ak

  20. 1v1’ing when we’re at a 2v1 3v1 4v1 5v1 advantage.

  21. Always playing dust 2.

  22. Talking too much during clutches.

  23. Harping on players who are bottom fragging on team

  24. Not minding the time on plant and instead forcing engagements (2x more important with new timer).

  25. Always dropping bomb in spawn and not getting it to the bomb site ["we have site, wtf why's bomb in spawn?"].

  26. Not learning smokes.

  27. Not calling bomb plant location [Example-"I'm planting for pit", "I'm planting safe"].

  28. Planting in generally bad spots.

  29. Not calling bomb location when it's seen on ct side (or that it's dropped).

  30. Not pre-aiming at corners.

  31. Aiming at the chest and not the head.

  32. Not buying kits.

  33. Not using all nades & smokes.

  34. Calling GG after pistol round loss.

  35. Not resting after each game.

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