To get knowledge.

Know about all the latest news on eSports. Learn and master games using our tutorials.


Hone your skills.

Compete and win amazing prizes. Also, winners get a chance to be on our roster team.


Up your game.

Buy amazing gaming and streaming products at affordable rates. Also rep Zeus.

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How to join

Join as a Roster team player.

Are you a PUBGM, Valorant or CS:GO player who is trying to hit big on the eSports league? You are at the right place! Here in Zeus, we conduct loads of tournaments and scrims so that our members can hone their skills. If you wish to join our roster team, all you have to do is win any one of the tournament and you will stand a chance to enter our roster team for the game which the tournament was held for. After winning, your performance will be noted and compared against all the other tournament winners and only the best players will be selected for the roster team. At least 1 tournament will be being held at any given time, to check the current tournament go here. Being in our team has it's perks, you will be given a free customized stream overlay and your streams will be displayed on our promotion panel (also free clout) and every time someone wins a tournament, they will be given the winner role in the discord server along with some perks including, free entry for the next paid tournament. So what are you waiting for? click the sign in button to get started and also to be notified every time a tournament takes place! 

Join as a Content creator.

Zeus is also looking for partnering with content creators, which include Youtubers, Mixer streamer and Twitch streamers. Being a content creator partnered with Zeus has it's perks, which include- A shout out every time you upload, The CC role and access to some secret channels on our discord and occasional gifts and giveaways only for our CCs. The requirements to get selected after applying for the partnership includes- 10k subscribers/followers, 8k hours watchtime/500 concurrent viewers, the channel must be mainly focused on PUBGM, Valorant or CS:GO and the majority of the channels subscribers/viewers should be from Asia.

Joining as a content creator will not mean that you will have to give us any percentage of your revenue from the channel. It only requires you to promote us in your videos. We plan on doing creators only challenges/tournaments in the future with amazing prizes and sponsoring things like discord nitro and youtube premium. Some of the partners that perform really well in giving us traffic will be sent as our brand's ambassador to events, the transportation and the cost of staying there will be covered by us. If you have what it takes, start by signing up, taking your account and going to the "apply for Content creator" Tab.

Join as a Partner.

If you are not a content creator but wish to partner with us, you can still do so. In order to partner go to this page and apply. after you have submitted your form, it will be examined by our team and we will shortly reply back within a week. Based on how well you perform, you will be given a higher rank in the partnership system. the partners will be paid a percentage of the whole company's profit every month. The higher your rank, the higher the profit percentage. We are working on a Zebits system, which will help you track how well you performed, you will have to perform enough to make thirty Zebits every month in order to stay in the system. The Zebits will mainly be earned through two ways- Making sales and recruiting more people into the system. Being a partner lets you earn from 100 Rs to 10 Lakhs and more per month. Meaning, you could literally make a living out of this. The only skill required for this job is the capability to make sales.
If you think you have what it takes to be a partner, start by signing up and then filling the form.